ACCE Establishes Partner Relationship With Kyle Sexton

This was announced at the end of May, 2012, and I couldn't be more excited about the work I will be doing for ACCE.  Many missed it the first time around, so I'm posting it here in addition to it's home on

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA: ACCE announced today a preferred provider relationship with Kyle Sexton, a noted marketing, communications and business strategist in the chamber of commerce world.

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On Failure

If you've ever gone to the circus, the ring master will draw your attention to the lion tamer or the trapeze artist or the tight rope walker with the word attempt.  "At a height of 65 feet, she will attempt to walk to the platform 30 feet away on a tight rope only 1 inch in width."  Never would a ringmaster say, "Watch as she crosses the tight-rope, just as she's done a 847 other times."  No one goes to the circus to watch a video, a repeat performance. They go for the risk. Maybe this time the trapeze artist will fall, or maybe this time that lion will decide he's hungry when the trainer puts their head in his mouth...  You get the idea.

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Go where your competition cannot go

Years ago, I was meeting with executives of a tortilla manufacturer.  The company had been around for 20 years and had terrific growth recently.  I asked where they saw the greatest opportunity for their company, and the theme of their response was around their tortilla chips.

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