Your brand story starts with 'why'

My friend Ben once sent me an email: "Have you seen Trombone Player Wanted?" He was referring the film by acclaimed author Marcus Buckingham. Marcus has created an empire of empowerment since I first saw him speak at the American Chamber of Commerce Executives Convention in Cleveland in the summer of 2006.

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Bundled Pricing: Art or Science?

Magicians can have a much longer career if they can keep their secrets.  So when Chris Dixon wrote How bundling benefits sellers and buyers on his blog this month, it occurred to me that the gig might be up.  Alas, my work continues. His description and analysis is -- in my opinion -- very easy to follow, but knowing how it's done and actually doing it are such different challenges.

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Instigators don't charge at the door

As I work with org's who want to stay ahead, something keeps nagging at me. People with ideas and gumption are becoming proficient in all of the tools of the new economy in a masterpiece of initiative and art. I call them Instigators.

Many of the CEO's I work with have mastered something else. They've mastered relationships. Or politics. Or leadership development. Or diplomacy. These skills are more marathon than sprint. They are slow and steady.

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