Holiday Greetings with Prezi

I recently announced that all of my 2013 keynotes and workshops would be done with Prezi instead of PowerPoint.  I thought it was only appropriate to share this Christmas message with you via Prezi.

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Nice notes from far away

I sure do love a story of progress.  Last week I worked with 20 different chambers of commerce over 4 different gigs in Wisconsin and Texas, and today I received this very nice note from Beth, below.  Beth and I have a similar sense of humor, for sure, but I don't own the stuff I teach. I learn it, then you steal it. If you use it, it's yours.

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Words Mean Things

People who don't know the chamber of commerce industry -- or had never worked with me during my time at the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce -- usually find it hard to understand exactly what I do.  This video illustrates one aspect of what I do.

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