Voice of Indiscriminate Doubt


"I should let you know that you may have overestimated my potential," he said to me. "I thought about cancelling this meeting but I wanted to tell you in person that you might be wasting your time."

This is from a friend who has a lot to offer the world, but he doesn't know it yet. I know he will read this, but this isn't for him. It's for you.

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Shipping: Remembership 2nd edition

Thanks to some great editing, the second edition of Remembership now reads like an entirely different book. Here's what one of my early readers said: 

"I read the new edition of Remembership over the weekend. It seems like a completely different book!? It reinforced all of the things we have been through. It was a surprise to find many new nuggets of info. It certainly is a different read."

I'm proud to release the second edition of Remembership: New Strategies for Remarkable Membership Organizations. It's 28% bigger and the price is 31% lower... an even better value for your trade association, chamber of commerce or economic development organization. Learn more by clicking here, or get it on Amazon right now

New Edition of Follow You Anywhere

Follow You Anywhere is a book about working, and about the work it takes to lead. 

On Friday March 4th, I'm releasing the one-page edition of Follow You Anywhere. It's intended to be a simple visual reminder of the lessons inside the pages of the book. I think it's worth moving your favorite Successories poster for this. 

Get on the list right here. 

Also, my friend Brian Wrasman in North Carolina is a brilliant and passionate media producer. Video, podcast, interactive maps, advertising... he's terrific. He interviewed me for his podcast and it turned into 3 podcasts. This podcast talks about the launch of Follow You Anywhere as a one-page book and the history of the project. Enjoy.