How to Link Your Blog to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Face2Face has received national acclaim for its ability to syndicate your content to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Now, there are even more options.

The current Facebook connection allows you to connect your NewsShare posts and status updates to your personal Facebook page (in addition to any single Twitter profile). If you haven't set this up yet, just click on Settings in the box on top of the right column, then select Connections on the left column and enter your Facebook and Twitter credentials.

Like many business people, you would probably prefer to send your Face2Face posts to your Facebook business page rather than your personal Facebook profile. I've come up with a couple of work-around techniques to fulfill your Facebook desires.

1: Link your Facebook to Twitter
- Go to
- Follow the prompts to connect Facebook to your Twitter profile
- On the left column, check Facebook Page, and select the page to which you want to connect
- Now, each time you check the Twitter box when you post on Face2Face, your post will go to your Facebook page through Facebook's Twitter app. Cool, right?

Or 2: Feed your NewsShare into your Facebook page's Notes
- Click on My Profile above
- In the URL bar of your browser, there should be an orange RSS icon on the right side. Click it and select "Select My NewsShare"
- On the next screen, select the long address in the URL box on the top of your browser and copy it to your clipboard by right clicking and selecting Copy
- Now go to and click on "Ads and Pages"
- Click "Edit Page" under the page into which you would like to feed your NewsShare posts from
- Scroll down to Notes and click Edit
- On the left hand side, scroll down and click "Import a Blog"
- Paste the RSS feed into the box and follow the prompts.
- From this point forward, only check the Facebook box if you want the post to show up in your individual Facebook profile.

Which one is better? Well, option 1 will actually POST in Facebook, where option 2 will (daily, or - unfortunately - weekly) post to the Notes in your Facebook Page. The more you post, the less option 2 will work.

Face2Face integrates with, as well.
- Log in to
- Click on Add More Networks
- Select "Ning"
- URL:
- Then fill in the email and password used to access Face2Face, and Submit

Should you be doing this yourself or focusing on your strengths?  One of my strengths is connecting technologies to suit your syndication needs for your chamber or members (or both).  Let me take care of this for your chamber of commerce, small business, or association.