Find your voice

You go to bed and try to sleep. You wake up and try to stay awake. You go to work and get paid, or you just get paid to go to work.

Maybe you're a five-goaler. Your first goal is your first break and your second goal is lunch. Your third goal is you second break. Your fourth goal is quitting time. Your fifth goal is payday.

You fear that your New Year's resolution will be the same as it was last year. You're on the hamster wheel from hell. 

You know how to fix your big problem but won't because the solution was discovered by someone else. And after all, you are really good at admiring the problem. It's your super power. 

Then one night you go to bed and can't sleep because a switch was flipped in your head. You get up in the morning and you decide that today is the day to stop admiring the problem and start a transition to the solution. 

And it's in that moment where you find your voice. 

You've had the words for years but never had the balls to speak them. You've had the information but you lacked the knowledge, compassion and approach to turn it from clear blue sky into something someone can touch. 

Your voice isn't your tone and it's not someone else's words coming out of your mouth.

Words tumble in the wind. Your voice has roots.

Words get lost in translation. Your voice is known for its intent.

Words offend those who thrive on being victims. Your voice comforts those in darkness.

Words thirst for emotion. Your voice is quenched as soon as you turn on the hose.

Words search for something that your voice found years ago.

Words are trivialized by the Academics. Your voice punctuates a revolutionary idea.

But don't fall in love with your words or mine. Words are cheap because they are plentiful. Only your voice has the authority to turn your idea into a bountiful treasure.

Words are politics. Your voice is authority.