What are you looking at?


When you start to lose traction, you will crash into what you look at.

If you're on a racetrack and slide on a turn, you get to decide if you hit the wall or steer back into the center of the track. Either look at the center of the track or the wall and you will go in that direction. Tony Robbins told this story years ago.

The problem, as he described it, is that you don't know what you will do until you're in that situation. The lesson is to get uncomfortable from time to time. Test yourself. Get on the track. Train yourself to not look at the wall. There's only one outcome if you look at the wall.

I got on a different track 18 months ago. 12 months ago I put myself in an uncomfortable situation on the track. More on that later.

Chip Eichelberger has a poster in his shower called roles, goals, why. It lists all the roles he plays, the goals he has, and why he gets up in the morning.

I have mine on the bathroom mirror and in my office next to my desk. I see it when I enter my office or get up in the morning. It's big: 11x17.

My roles are real, and I'm better at them now than I was a year ago.

My why is the same as it was. I sleep better, stress less and wake up more energized with this constant reminder. It's a calm I've never had before. I'm bouncing out of bed at 5am in any time zone.

My goals were big. Like 5 years big. After a year, I can confidently say I'm well on my way.

You crash into -- or steer towards -- whatever you look at.

This isn't about me, though. It's about you. You can poo-poo this idea as meta-physical garbage. You can say, "oh that's nice for him." You can say, "I'll do it when I'm ready and I'm not ready yet." You probably already said, "everybody knows that, Kyle."

If you said any of these things, I'm not talking to you. Not only is this post not for you, perhaps I'm not for you. More importantly, maybe you're not for me. Think about breaking up with me. I'm serious.

If I were you, I would stop teasing myself with the idea that the middle of the track is always going to be there for you. Jump on the opportunity to choose between the wall and the track. Life is filled with people who have to choose between two walls. Both will kill you.

I was on a Florida beach not far from here 4 years ago when my friend Jen, who was supposed to also be on a Florida beach an hour away, told me she didn't make the trip because she was just diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer. She died a year later. Had she known her fate, I think she would have made the trip.

Your mindset is either spectacularly positive or it blows chunks. I'm cranking up the positive and I refuse to waste it on folks who can't hang.

I'm pulling for you, but I'm not going to push.

And you've got something in you, dammit. If you're still reading this, there's a reason. You've got something to give, and when you give you get.

I'm not a cult leader. I'm not pitching you Kool-Aid, Kyle-Aid or vitamins. This isn't an elaborate "get rich quick" thing or "live this lifestyle." I'm pitching nothing.

I'm quietly, subtly suggesting that you can do better and get better. And the people around you will get better or fall away. You won't miss them as you're sleeping better for the first time in your life.

I'm getting uncomfortable for the next two days with a conference room full of inspiring strangers. My mindset is primed and ready. I worked hard to get here and intend to make the most of it.

I'm inviting you to get better or fall away.

Write something you want to read. Tell someone something you would need to hear. Make something you want to use. Stop pushing your agenda and pull your weight. Put your shoulder into your world and get a better view.

Wait. Write something I want to read. Tell me something you think I need to hear. Get personal. Share your gift. You're the only one who thinks like you and we want to see it.

Invest in someone who will never know what you did for them. Donate anonymously. Aspire to be the philanthropist or the teacher. Get uncomfortable.

I'm pulling for you, but I'm not going to push.






So what are you looking at?