Lumachi: [loo MAWK ee] to move the unmovable with ease and compassion

Shaun Lumachi's star shined so bright that, on Saturday December 3, 2011, God decided Shaun would best serve Him by His side.  Damnit.

I think it was February, 2004, when I first met this young guy from the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce.  He was walking up to the stage to receive an incredible honor - Chamber Staff Person of the Year from the Western Association of Chamber Executives.  I took note because based on the introduction, I expected someone much older.

Here was this Italian kid with a perfectly round noggin shaved bald.  Lumachi?  How do you spell that?  He was the Tasmanian Devil of the chamber of commerce industry.  He doesn't look like a chamber guy... maybe a mobster?

If you're unfamiliar with chambers of commerce, here's something you should know.  Chambers are independent.  There is no franchise.  There are no affiliations or licenses.  There is no mother ship.  So when someone comes along and makes waves, it gets noticed.  More than that, it gets copied.  Shaun Lumachi knew he had something worth copying, so he stepped out on his own to copy his successful strategies for other chambers of commerce.

I ran into him some time later at a chamber conference in Oregon.  He gave me a little "whassup nod" from across the crowded banquet and mouthed, "I want to talk to you."  I was really surprised at how my nerves responded to an impending conversation with Shaun Lumachi.

I had been doing some things for my chamber in Salem that were getting some regional and national attention, but I still found myself surprised that he would notice.  Shaun was entrenched in the advocacy side of the business, and I'm in business development.  What would he want to talk to me about?  The banquet cleared and we had this huge room all to ourselves.

If you had never met him, Shaun always had an agenda.  His brain was always firing. "When are you going out on your own," he asked?  He provoked me with his questions.

In August, 2011, I was attending the American Chamber of Commerce Executives Convention in Los Angeles.  He and I weren't frequent communicators, but we always seemed to know when and where we would run into each other.  I lurked outside the session he was teaching so I could give him a copy of my book.  Inside, the personal note to him said, "Shaun - You did this."  Typical Shaun, he sent a card in the mail in the next week approving my work and encouraging more.  I still have the card.  We hugged and vowed to talk again soon.

It was November of 2009 when I was invited down to California to help a few chambers through some things.  I couldn't wait to have dinner with Shaun.  I knew it would be a highlight of the trip.  That was where I told him I was writing a book and he asked about what I was learning in the process.  He asked simply, "What are you going to do with that knowledge?"

I asked him what he thought I should do with it.  "I think you should help other people publish their work."  Shaun had a way of cutting through all the clutter of the world to find what matters.

We both had an intuition about people.  Shaun's always seemed more optimistic than mine.  I learned from him that I should be more hopeful.  He gave people the benefit of the doubt as if he'd never been burned.  He was on a different path.  Oh, how true that is.

When my best friend since childhood died in a crash at age 20, I determined to name my future son after him.  My son's middle name is James, and I vowed to never say "Wyatt James" in any negative connotation in Jimmy's memory.

Similarly, I think the world should know how to spell and pronounce Lumachi, and they should know what it means.  Let me give you some examples of how you can help.

If your friend's wrench won't budge the nut from that bolt, offer him some Lumachi.

When lifting something heavy, a building let's say, put some Lumachi into it.

If you know of someone who is feeling down, open your arms and give them a Lumachi.

If the sun is too bright in your spouse's eyes, offer him or her your Lumachi's.

When searching for direction on a project, think big. Then write down 101 ways you can make it bigger.  You just Lumachi'd the shit out of that project.

He was not defined by his resume, but I've added it below for some context.

Shaun Lumachi was a loving husband and good friend.  I can't wait to meet his wife, open my arms and give her a Lumachi.

So, as Shaun would say, "What's next?"

About Shaun Lumachi

As President of Chamber Advocacy, Shaun Lumachi maintains results-driven government affairs efforts for organizations throughout California. Shaun secures community involvement to develop and advocate legislative priorities, serves as a resource on issues impacting the client's communities, and implements effective communication strategies.

Since founding Chamber Advocacy, Shaun has worked to sponsor legislation at all levels of government, activate local communities on over 1,200 issues, and builds and maintains a grassroots advocacy Web site portal for each client.

Beginning in 2003, the California Chamber of Commerce has recognized the most effective chamber of commerce government affairs program in California and, since 2009, the California Chamber has recognized the best chamber of commerce political program in the state. These honors have been awarded to a Chamber Advocacy client every year since their inception.

Prior to founding Chamber Advocacy, Shaun served as Vice President for Government Affairs for the Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce where he helped build their award-winning and nationally-acclaimed government affairs program.

In 2004, Shaun was honored by the Western Association of Chamber Executives (WACE) as the recipient of the association's prestigious Gerald Hathaway Staff Member of the Year Award.

Shaun's purpose is to be a dedicated leader who serves his community through advocacy and the development of relationships. His philosophy is simple: to know his purpose, build and maintain relationships, be authentic, set goals, have clear visions, be result-driven, and be disciplined. In 2007, Long Beach Magazine honored Shaun as one of the Most Innovative Minds In Long Beach, California.


Shaun Lumachi is an active member of the Long Beach community serving as a member of nearly a dozen non-profit boards of directors. He also serves the Long Beach community as the co-founder and publisher of Long Beach’s second most read media publication, the Long Beach Post. Shaun and long-time friend, Long Beach City Councilmember Robert Garcia, founded the company in 2007. Councilmember Garcia left the day-to-day operations of the company in December 2008 to run successfully for elected office.

Currently, the Long Beach Post comprises the daily online version and a monthly print publication covering news, politics, business, life and sports in Long Beach, California. In 2010, the Long Beach Post reached over 537,000 readers. Each month, 25,000 copies of the print publication is distributed.

Shaun has set a goal of becoming the most read media source in Long Beach by January 2015. To do so, the Long Beach Post will invest in expanded coverage of our city and its people, create new technologies to increase our reach, and remain nimble so changing reader demands are opportunities, not threats to our future.


Shaun earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government from California State University, Sacramento. While at California State University, Sacramento, Shaun was elected Chairman of the California State Student Association (CSSA) which serves as the statewide student body government for all of the 23 campuses of the California State University system. In 1999, Shaun received the CSSA Chair's Award for Excellence in Student Advocacy. Nearly ten years later, CSSA honored Shaun as CSSA's 2008 Alumnus of the Year.

Shaun is also an active and proud alumnus of the Theta Xi Chapter of the Sigma Chi International Fraternity. He is also a baseball umpire and has worked at all levels of baseball up to the NCAA PAC-10 and all levels of softball up to the Western Regional Little League World Series.

Shaun, and his wife Deziré, are proud residents of the Belmont Shore community in Long Beach, California.

Professional Involvement
  • Panelist, Representing the Interests of Business at All Levels of Government, Western Association of Chamber Executives (W.A.C.E) Annual Conference, 2003 - 2006,  2011
  • Faculty Member, Representing Business with Government, W.A.C.E Academy, 2005 -  2010
  • Speaker, Mobilizing the Masses, American Chamber of Commerce Executives Convention, 2008
  • Speaker, Grasstops Activism, American Chamber of Commerce Executives Convention, 2011
  • Keynote Speaker, California Higher Education Student Summit, 2006, 2008
  • Speaker, Oregon State Chamber Conference, 2007
  • Panelist, W.A.C.E Webinar Series, Using Your Web Site and E-Communications for Fun & Profit, 2005
  • Panelist, Building Strong Grassroots Political Action, California Chamber Legislative Summit, 2003 - 2005
  • Panelist, Political Action, Southern California Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives, 2003
  • Panelist, Political Action, United States Chamber of Commerce, Western Regional Government Affairs Conference, 2002, 2009
Community Involvement
  • Publisher, Long Beach Post
  • Chair, Pacific Gateway Workforce Investment Network Board
  • Member, Long Beach Symphony Orchestra Board
  • Member, Community Hospital of Long Beach Advisory Board
  • Chair, Long Beach City College Small Business Development Center Advisory Board
  • Member, Centro CHA Board
  • Vice President, Long Beach Unified School District Education Foundation Board
  • Co-Chair, Long Beach Unified School District - Principal For A Day (2005 - 2008)
  • Member, Arts Council For Long Beach Board
  • Member, U.S. VETS – Long Beach Advisory Board
  • Member, Children Today Board
  • Alumni, Leadership Long Beach (Executive Quick Start)
  • Alumni, Young Leaders Organization
  • Western Association of Chamber Executives
  • American Chamber of Commerce Executives
  • CSUS Alumni Association
  • National Italian American Foundation